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The mirror test is an experiment developed in 1970 by psychologist Gordon Gallup Jr. to determine whether an animal possesses the ability to recognize itself in a mirror. It is the primary indicator of self-awareness in non-human animals and marks entrance to the mirror stage by human children in developmental psychology. Animals that pass mirror test are: Humans older than 18 mo, Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Orangutans, Gorillas, Bottlenose Dolphins, Orcas (Killer Whales), Elephants, and European Magpies. Others showing signs of self-awareness are Pigs, some Gibbons, Rhesus Macaques, Capuchin Monkeys, some Corvids (Crows & Ravens) and Pigeons w/training. (Sorry Kitty!)

Sioux Falls Zoologists endorse World's Last Great Places Collection
for 12 excellent programs about wildlife environments
all over the world.

World's Last Great Places Collection

World's Last Great Places Collection (2007) - 654 minutes
World's Last Great Places Collection at

Explore some of the most remote, fascinating, and unspoiled locations on Earth in one definitive collection of critically acclaimed National Geographic specials.

Experience the World's Last Great Places through stunning photography captured by award-winning National Geographic filmmakers. Delve into wild, unknown lands home to exotic, amazing wildlife…and witness magnificent vistas few humans will ever see firsthand.

Featuring 12 full-length specials, the World's Last Great Places Collection explores the Galapagos Islands, Madagascar, Panama, the Amazon forests, the Everglades, Yellowstone, Africa's Serengeti, the Okavango Delta, and more.

Twelve Programs:

  • Deserts
    • Creatures of the Namib Desert
    • Explore the living sands of Namib, a remote coastal desert on the southwestern edge of Africa. Learn about the amazing survival techniques of the geckos, baboons and plants born in this forbidding desert, where years pass without rainfall on the scorching sands.
    • Sonoran Desert: A Violent Eden
    • A world of wonders hides in the extraordinary Sonoran Desert of the American southwest. Explore some of nature's most unusual creations, from the nectar bat to the towering Saguaro cactus.
  • Rainforests
    • Panama Wild: Rain Forest of Life
    • Venture beyond the dense green curtain, into the rain forest that thrives in splendid isolation on a Panamanian island. Marvel at the complex interactions among the exotic species that live, feed, breed and die here.
    • Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest
    • Journey into a tropical jungle where torrential rains annually transform the dry forest floor into a watery world. Watch river dolphins navigate the flooded treetops and the masterful hunting techniques of the electric eel and notorious piranha.
  • Africa
    • Virunga: The Heart of Africa
    • Travel to the heart of Africa - Virunga National Park - where active volcanoes unleash red-hot rivers of fire, and rare and fascinating creatures dwell in snowcapped mountains, rainforests and savannahs.
    • Okavango: Africa's Wild Oasis
    • In all of Africa, there is no other place like Okavango Delta - a watery refuge in the heart of one of the world's greatest deserts. In the midst of the dry season, flood waters from Angola can double the delta size to some 5,000 square miles, spreading like a giant hand across Botswana.
  • Islands
    • Dragons of the Galapagos
    • Dragons still walk the Earth in remote Galapagos Islands, where iguanas swarm both land and sea. Discover the islands' unique strategies for survival, as a land iguana lays her eggs in an active volcano and marine iguanas forage for food alongside hungry pelicans, penguins and dolphins.
    • Africa: Wilds of Madagascar
    • Madagascar's wildlife and vegetation have evolved in near isolation for hundreds of millions of years. Discover a sunken forest on the island's isolated Ankarana plateau, home to crowned lemurs, leaf-tailed geckos, and souimanga sunbirds.
  • North America
    • Everglades: Secrets of the Swamp
    • Embark on a voyage of discovery through the magnificent Everglades at the tip of Florida, where crocodiles glide through the mangrove swamps and alligators reign in the fresh waters of the saw grass prairies.
    • Yellowstone: Realm of the Coyote
    • Journey through Yellowstone National Park with a young coyote named Cain, outcast by his pack and forced to survive in a wilderness both beautiful and treacherous. Follow Cain's year-long adventure of hardship and triumph, and meet the large case of wildlife he encounters.
  • Coastal Africa
    • Crocodiles: Here Be Dragons
    • Explore Africa's Grumeti River in Tanzania, where the powerful crocodile - often called the last surviving giant of the dinosaur age - dominates the waterway with its huge tail and crushing jaws.
    • Tale of the African Tides
    • Two very different worlds collide where the Indian Ocean meets the northeastern coast of Kenya, as tiger sharks, humpback whales and coral reefs coexist with a host of African land animals taking advantage of the coastal riches.

World's Last Great Places Collection

Sioux Falls Zoologists endorse World's Last Great Places Collection
for 12 excellent programs about wildlife environments
all over the world.